Polly Clinical Services Team

Polly Clinical Services is committed to provide you with the highest professional standards and quality of care utilizing evidence-based diversified approaches to self-empowerment and change.

John Augillard III, BSW

John Augillard III is a professional life coach and certified communications trainer who specializes in teaching life skills (self-esteem, men’s issues, parenting, setting and achieving life goals, communication), conducting communication workshops for employees and management, constructing communication systems within a company to boost employee/management/customer relationships, keynote speaker, and speech writer.

John Augillard III received his undergraduate degree in Social Work from Our Lady of the Lake University while serving as founder and president of several college organizations.  He has over ten years of experience as a social worker and twelve years as an educator.  He has won many awards for service and achievement throughout his career and helped shape policy for public and private institutions and businesses.  He has also helped individuals and companies achieve local and national awards for excellence.  He is creative, meticulous, perceptive, and resourceful.  He is also a loving husband and father who is passionate about helping others reach their next level and beyond.

Anita Green, AA

Anita Green is a professional Life Coach and certified Christian Counselor with over 20 years of experience. She has served as a community volunteer and mental health advocate for several nonprofit organizations.

She helps others to transition to new careers, provides practical and emotional guidance in preparation for retirement, and promotes spiritual direction in working with couples.